Thursday, February 21, 2013

Instagram says "No" to native BlackBerry 10 app say sources

When BlackBerry 10 was introduced, the Canadian company made a point of noting that the big name apps would all be available for the platform. Titles like Skype (although ported over from Android mobile phone), Facebook, Twitter and Angry Birds Star Wars are all already in BlackBerry World, or coming soon to the applications store. But one big name is missing, and it is one that we we heard many call a "deal breaker" if it was not made available for BlackBerry 10. And that app is picture-sharing, social networking site Instagram, which grabs 90 million users a month.

The bad news tonight for those who already own the BlackBerry Z10, or were looking to purchase it, is that sources are indicating that Instagram will not be producing a native BlackBerry 10 version of its app. The sources who have been passing this information along are said to be close to Instagram. One of them did hold out some hope when he said, "There will be no Instagram for BB10 for now."  On the other hand, the same person also added, "Frankly, I’m not sure there will ever be."

Things might not be as bleak as it seems for Instagram fans who might have to decide between their addiction to the app and their desire to own the BlackBerry Z10. The Instagram for Android app is expected to be ported over to BlackBerry World, but will not be optimized for BlackBerry which means it will probably not be as good as a native app would have been. Not only that, but the word is that there have been some technical problems in porting the app over which means that it might be some time before it hits BlackBerry World. If the sources have the story right, why did Instagram decide to bypass BlackBerry 10? It just could be a matter of it not being worth the effort to Instagram to have its people work on a BlackBerry 10 version of the app.  Instagram has only twenty employees which would make it a strain on its resources.

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