Monday, March 25, 2013

Fake Motorola X Phone render comes out

It almost feels like people aren't trying anymore when they put out renders designed to look like highly anticipated new phones that are on the way. One look at this newest image, and your brain almost starts to scream "FAKE!" But, that's the way it goes. People are excited about the Motorola X Phone, so someone will try to make a render that looks real enough to fool some people.

Whoever made it had at least some attention to detail by putting in today's date (maybe just to remind them when they wanted to "leak" the image), but then other parts of the design look like no attention was paid at all. First of all, there's no earpiece, which is kind of an important feature that helps make a smartphone a phone. Also, while the design does use the stock icons for the apps, it uses the MotoBlur navigation icons. We heard that MotoBlur won't be completely gone, but we doubt that the navigation keys would be different.

We'd like to see a real leak of the Motorola X Phone, but this most certainly isn't it. It's an interesting idea for the design though. Maybe once Moto/Google moves past the old materials, we'll see something similar to this hardware.

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