Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lenovo S920 entertainment full of large screen mobile phone

Now in China mobile phone market , quad-core mobile phone is no longer fresh, but enthusiasm you on big screen mobile phone. Today give you a latest resemble supersized phones - lenovo S920.

Lenovo S920 is a strong game performance. High-performance 1.2 GHz quad core processors, running with the game, whether you want to experience the temple run fast, or want to training vision play the most popular for younger sister, you can easily get it, with lenovo S920, you are the protagonist in the game. Lenovo S920 is a super mobile theater, built in many video client, no matter when and where can let you enjoy super clear film bring visual impact.

It was a super camera at the same time, the main camera 8 million pixels, a front-facing camera, 2 million pixels, can satisfy your all requirements of photography. Not only that, but it also built-in super camera V3.0 lite version, operating more human, more powerful.

Lenovo S920 USES a 5.3 inch HD720P IPS high-definition beautiful screen, screen response speed is quick, the visual Angle is larger, the color more vivid, exquisite images to the extreme. Should be especially emphasized is lenovo S920 screen brightness, has achieved 500 CD/m2, in a sunny outdoor, can be accessible to read e-books, watch hd movies.

Although lenovo equipped with a 5.3 -inch resemble supersized, fuselage thickness is only 7.9 mm, broke the massive image screen mobile phone. It first used the "Ring" design elements, the adornment of the silver circle super large screen smart package, distinct, sense of science and technology. Airframe design USES comply with ergonomics turn round surface, on the premise of maintain large fuselage don't lose grip, easily operation.
Source: Bicgate

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