Wednesday, June 19, 2013

ThL W11 first front-facing 13.0MP flagship phone appearance hale and fashion

The world's first pre-13.0MP camera big-screen smart phone - ThL W11, ThL smartphone officially named as "ThL Monkey King." This ThL W11 will be equipped with front 13.0MP + rear 13.0MP back-illuminated dual cameras, and will be 5.0 inches FHD Full HD Retina screen grab smartphone market.

ThL Monkey King, also known as before ThL W11. We get from the official point of view, this phone uses touch screen candy bar design, the appearance of tough fashion. According to informed sources, ThL W11 and THL W8+ is a 5.0 inch large touch screen, and the screen resolution compared to 1080p (1080 × 1920 pixels) full HD level, the pixel density up to 441ppi, can provide users with crisp and clear display .

ThL W11 changed ThL smartphone previous round design style, recipe-type candy bar design, followed by mainstream aesthetics, the machine uses a very prosperous current square design style, with straight body supplemented by small rounded Founder combination , and in the bottom and top of the fuselage joined the small curve design, the machine is quite nice. THL W11 of the fuselage with full fitting vacuum plated shell, the benefits are beautiful and better wear resistance, the machine's screen size of 5 inches, with a level FHD 1920 * 1080 Full HD resolution, the screen above the upper left corner is the biggest selling point-13.0MP back-illuminated camera, the right of the dot representing the lights and sensors. ThL W11 front with full fitting vacuum plated shell, built-in non-removable battery, body stronger unity and adaptation.
Source: THL

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