Wednesday, July 3, 2013

ZOPO C3 top female mobile phone Aspect Secret

ZOPO has just launched a new drafts to netizens, ZOPO and further to the media today has revealed its latest situation: on the smartphone models under the netizens vote officially named "C3", and in addition to the name of the latest, ZOPO officially unveiled to the media this new handsets more bright spot.

Look from the hardware parameters, this machine is a wildly popular on ali flagship ZOPO C2 only strong or weak. Continuation of a flagship model on ZOPO C2, high-end configuration, with 28 nm quad core 1.5 GHz processor, which works with low energy and high efficiency PowerVR SGX544 super graphics processing. ZOPO also for this machine is equipped with 1 gb of RAM and 16 gb of memory capacity, and support the Micro card. In addition, the aircraft fuselage thin 8.5 mm and 2.47 mm super narrow bezel design let C3 fashion sense. 5.0 inch screen fuselage with ultra-thin ultra narrow border, let a person produce "unaware tiancheng integration" visual experience. Vacuum color plating frame, soft surface of the fuselage, warm iron stick hand, pampered and C3 set a suit!

From the screen, ZOPO C3 still USES the ultra retina display, 5 inches FULL HD 1920 x 1920 jing beautiful screen, OGS laminating technology, single glass screen to protect glass formed directly on the touch screen, fashion. And compared with super black, among them an advantage which cannot be neglected, is that it USES the corning gorilla glass, the glass surface roughness is very low, feel is smooth, non damage to not cause scratches.

In terms of cameras, ZOPO didn't also the other to our disappointment, the new handsets running the same to before 5.0 MP camera + 13.0 MP back illuminated CMOS camera, blue glass filter effect, support Denoise - Image photos of noise elimination and gyroscope stabilization. Effectively improve the most intelligent mobile phone photo aglow phenomenon, make the photo color more close to natural true color.

ZOPO C3 use the parameters collection at the top of the remains, the configuration is quite strong, but is different from ZOPO ZP980 hale cold, C3 lines slightly fruity, with pink back cover, thin body, the whole design style to beauty fashion, is a specially designed for young and fashionable women's high-end smartphones, as "a women-only the best smartphone". In addition, from ZOPO website "C3 looking forward to with you together on June 28th carnival" learned ZOPO large promotion activity is about to open, let us together look forward to!

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