Sunday, December 29, 2013

TCL idol X+ comprehensive upgrade and released more features
China's leading maker TCL Moible Phone released its first true eight-core smartphone-TCL idol X+ (S960/S960T), in addition to high with eight-core hardware, the machine a lot of effort in terms of differentiation, introducing elements and funky HI-FI wearing smart devices, etc., compared to the previous generation of products brought more surprises. Concerned over the idol X+ conference users may have understood that the new machine's TCL conference did not do too much for the introduction of new products, focusing on the links you exchange executives, today we look back at the machine again some of the core selling point.

TCL idol X+ pioneered the use of high-frequency version MT6592 eight-core 2GHz processor, which is currently a lot of the new eight-core machines do not have the advantage of its native system to run more than 33,000 points, catching 800 Xiaolong, MediaTek chairman Tsai Ming-Kai TCL conference appeared to cheer because in addition to the depth of cooperation between the two outside, hoping to fight the MT6592 idol X+ flagship product really should also be one of the reasons. The screen is 5 inches 1080P resolution IPS screen, with full lamination technology, in addition to phone width of 69 mm, about 1.9 mm screen borders, easier to operate with one hand, anti-fingerprint screen surface anti-oil coating.

TCL idol X+ has built-in 2GB of DDR3 memory to run, there will be two storage 16G and 32G versions of the same with the TCL idol X S950, because there are different network standard TD / WCDMA version. 1310W pixel camera possesses stacked camera, F2.0 aperture, using a blue glass filter, built-in AF motor closed-loop system, the fastest 13 millisecond accurate focusing, the front camera is also 200W pixels. idol X+ progress than idol X Another point is that, although more than a thickness of only about 1 mm, but its battery capacity increase by nearly 500 mA, official data calls 28 hours of continuous testing ( under 2G network ). Meanwhile, in order to further enhance the user experience, systems based on Android 4.2 with a depth of customization Le Frog OS5.

The new machine is added to HI-FI system is idol X+ is a big selling point, built-top audio decoder chip-ES9018, while using Maxim9720+ NXP9890 Smart PA professional amp modules, plus " side of the sound Nautilus-style" speaker design, making a truly idol X+ HI-FI smartphone a. Also thanks to the powerful MTK6592 multimedia features, in addition to the common H.264, MP4 and other formats, and VP9 also supports decoding H.265 format, and equipped with Clear Motion Display intelligent video frequency technology, low-fps video can be automatically upgrade to 60fps playback, better than TCL Hero N3 viewing effect.

And idol X+ simultaneous release there a wearable device-BOOM band, this is a smart bracelet products, from Baidu cooperation with TCL launched Baidu is key Kang smart device a. BOOM band can be waterproof, the material itself is said to support relieve fatigue, with the idol X+ adapter, enabling the body to monitor health status, such as sleep quality, pedometer, etc. In addition to the bracelet can be realized calls reminder, alarm clock and loss prevention functions.

TCL Mobile by idol X in the electric business off to a good start battlefield, the new upgrade comes a lot of stuff to make up for the 2nd generation of the shortcomings of a generation, and has a more extensive expansion, Aspect more, in addition to price also quite sincere. TCL idol X+ and bracelet with a price of 1,999 yuan, will be Jan. 15 in Jingdong starter. TCL idol X+ also supports many common functions, such as WI-FI Display screen sharing technology, dual card dual standby and OTG, etc., gyroscope, electronic compass sensor is also more abundant than idol X.

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