Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chinese retailer sells 3,000 Cyan Nokia Lumia 920 pre-orders in one hour

Which runs Nokia’s official "Jingdong Mall" shop, sent out a tweet to announce how strongly pre-orders of the Cyan Nokia Lumia 920 have been. Despite the botched English, we can make out enough of the  tweet to comprehend that 3,000 units of the top of the line Lumia model (in Cyan) sold in just one hour.

Meanwhile, the online store is still offering the Cyan colored Nokia Lumia 920 after the first batch sold out. Those who were lucky enough to get a pre-order in before the inventory was all accounted for, will receive their handset on February 25th. Meanwhile, the remaining phones are still priced at 4599 Yuan ($738 USD) unlocked. Or, you can get handcuffed to China Unicom for two years and get the phone for free.

What is it about the Cyan version of the phone that gets Chinese smartphone buyers grabbing for their wallet? Despite the excitement over the device in the country, there are some who believe that the demand is artificial and has been created by a small supply of the model in China.

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