Monday, February 25, 2013

The iPhone is the most reliable handset

If you're torn between buying a new iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy handset, this study might sway you. It says the iPhone is the most reliable mobile phone money can buy. Not only that, it's almost three times more reliable than Samsung's Galaxy handsets, which came in second place, five times more reliable than Nokia's Lumia range, and 25 times more than Motorola's Droid range.

Maybe an iPhone is worth the extra cash after all.

The screwdriver-wielders over at FixYa compared 722,558 problems its customers were having with their handsets. Using market share data from StatCounter, it gave each manufacturer a reliability score -- the fewer the problems relative to market share, the higher the score.

Apple came top with a score of 3.47, Samsung second with 1.21, Nokia third with 0.68, and Motorola fourth with 0.13.

Battery life is the main complaint from iPhone owners, which doesn't surprise me, especially as iOS 6.1 sapped the life of many mobiles. Those poor Motorola customers are suffering issues with the touchscreen, speaker and camera, and all the preinstalled bloatware that they can't get rid of. The microphone and speaker are bugbears of Samsung's customers, while Nokia's range has slower load times and fewer apps due to Windows Phone 8's limited selection.

I'm quite surprised at the results, seeing as the iPhone 5 hasn't been without its problems. Customers complained the device was easy to scratch, and the camera was adding a strange purple glow to snaps. Recently, a quarter of all iPhones were said to have borked screens, too.

I suppose components like the speaker and screen are more important than ever, seeing as if you're buying an Android mobile phone, there won't be much difference in the software. is one of the best websites to purchase cheap and affordable mobile phone.

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