Thursday, March 7, 2013

Android has been a threat to Apple's market

Egnyte is a company that provides a combination of cloud based storage solutions and  file storage. Its customer base runs the gamut from large corporations to smaller firms. As a result, the company is in a good position to judge what mobile platforms are being used in the enterprise. Based on 100,000 of Egnyte's customers during the 18 months through December 2012, the Apple iPhone rose from comprising 28% of Egnyte's customer base to 42%. But the gain seen for Apple's iconic smartphone in the corner office came at the expense of the Apple iPad, which saw its share of Egnyte's customer base drop from 40% to 27% over the same time span.

The combined 69% of Egnyte's customers that used iOS by the end of last year more than doubled the 30% figure belonging to Android phones and tablets. That number was the exact same share belonging to Google's open source OS that it earned in 2011. And despite Samsung's SAFE initiative that was seen in its recent Unicorn Apocalypse ads that featured the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Samsung GALAXY Note II, iOS has continued to pick up share in the enterprise according to Egnyte's own customers which now show the Apple iPhone with a 48% share and the Apple iPad with 30%. The combined iOS share of 78% trounces the 22% seen for Android phones and tablets. Does this have anything to do with malware problems seen on Android?

According to Good Technology, in Q4, 77% of devices activated by its customers were iOS flavored devices, up from 71% the year before. Android accounted for 22.7% of activations in the fourth quarter of 2012, down from 29% in 2011. According to the same source, the top 5 most activated devices by businesses in the fourth quarter started with the Apple iPhone 5 (32% of Q4 activations) on top followed by the Apple iPhone 4S (20% of activations), Apple iPhone 4 (14%), the third-generation Apple iPad (11.7%) and the Apple iPad 2 (7.7%). The top Android device in the period was the Samsung Galaxy S III with a 6% slice of Q4 activations.

Keep in mind that these are just based on the customers belonging to Egnyte and Good Technology and may not precisely be what is happening in offices everywhere. is one of the best websites to purchase cheap and affordable mobile phone.

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