Friday, March 15, 2013

Google Glass concept makes it useless stylish

We're a bit surprised that we haven't seen more unofficial concept renders of Google Glass. Just about everyone has a strong opinion about the style of Google Glass, but we haven't seen any real suggestions into how to fix the problem. At least, until now, as designer Nickolay Lamm has taken it upon himself to design a much more stylish (and useless) Google Glass.

We've seen work from Nickolay before, because he has put together some pretty interesting concept renders for both the iPad mini and the rumored iWatch. Nickolay's big idea for changing Google Glass is to switch the design from being something reminiscent of eyeglasses and more like wraparound headphones. By putting the frame behind the user's head, it would effectively hide Glass. Of course, this would lead to far more reasonable calls of privacy concerns than the current design warrants.

Unfortunately, in his eagerness to make the design look nice and sleek, Nickolay forgot to design a frame that could accommodate the battery and electronics needed for Google Glass to be something interesting. The design as it stands wouldn't be able to do anything, because it would just be a metal frame with a screen attached to one side.

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