Friday, March 22, 2013

HTC One back to the United States in late April

HTC has just sent us some bad news, unfortunately, we need to pass to you. Although Taiwan's manufacturers long-awaited the HTC flagship product will be launched in the next week, in the United Kingdom, Taiwan, Germany, it will not reach the rest of North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, China Online Shopping Store until the end of April, there may be some goods.

Uncomfortable HTC, it wasted a huge head start on competitors in the all-important U.S. market Samsung and Huawei. With the Samsung Galaxy S, HTC is not expected to be launched in the United States enough time to have a whole month until the end of next month the high-end market in the United States, this may be the best-selling smartphone and gather momentum for next year.

Those of you who are going to buy HTC one, so that the time delay switch to another device, you will select a new smart phone, rather than for the Samsung Galaxy S 4, or will you wait for extra time, you canEmbed HTC devices?

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