Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 15th launch BlackBerry Z10 in States

For those who were wondering which carrier in the United States would get the first chance to offer the all-touch BlackBerry Z10, some new speculation has shaken up the field as early favorite T-Mobile might not be the first to launch the mobile phone after-all. Instead, the latest rumor has AT&T releasing the phone on March 15th. Originally, the three carriers that will be releasing the Z10, including  T-Mobile, were expected to have them available on March 27th.

But T-Mobile said that it wanted to be the first carrier un the U.S. to put the BlackBerry Z10 powered device up for sale, and said that because the mobile phone was more stable than thought, the carrier would be able to lop about two weeks off the expected launch time which would work out to about a March 15th release. At that is where things have stood until now, when a new report says that AT&T customers will have the first chance to grab the device. That would be followed by T-Mobile's launch with one for Verizon coming possibly as late as April with a BlackBerry Z10 model in an exclusive white color.

There has been a great debate over whether or not the mobile phones are selling as well as originally thought. Amid reports that the Z10 was setting BlackBerry sales records in Canada and in the U.K., some analysts were saying that BlackBerry had stacked the deck by keeping inventories at retailers as low as 15 units in order to ensure a sell out. The U.S.launch should give a truer picture of what the real demand is for the BlackBerry Z10. The device should be followed a few weeks later with the launch of the BlackBerryQ10, the model that comes equipped with the famous BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard. Some buyers are waiting for the release of that model so that they can use the highly thought of BlackBerry physical keyboard.   www.bicgate.com is one of the best websites to purchase cheap and affordable mobile phone.

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