Thursday, March 28, 2013

Men refuse to buy Apple products stabbed by girlfriend

Two days ago, a small town, with dumbfounding "massacre": a woman repeatedly begged her boyfriend after its purchase of the Apple device and repeatedly refused, and finally "intolerable" knife stabbed him her boyfriend.

It is understood that the woman, 25-year-old, her boyfriend, 28-year-old, the two have lived together for four years, unmarried, usually two people's wages by the man custody. In early March of this year, the woman for the first time to the boyfriend you want to buy an Apple device, but the price is too high, beyond the scope of their ability, it was her boyfriend refused. After more than 20 days, the woman repeatedly told her boyfriend made ??the same request was rejected.

Until the day before yesterday, N times the woman you want to buy Apple devices rejected, the hearts of anger fall to let it out, picked up a fruit knife on the table and poke their boyfriend, the man with blood after struggling to put his hands pinch to the neck of the woman. The neighbors heard brawl alarm.

According to police, the man multiple blade and arm deep 5cm around the women's neck pinch marks. After some education, both return home.

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