Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Order HTC reached hundreds of thousands in the United States

It seems that the battle for control of the top spot on the U.S. Android smartphone rankings is going to be between the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One. You might have thought that the new Samsung flagship model would be a prohibitive favorite, but the HTC One has captured plenty of  attention, and there is always the possibility that the Samsung GALAXY Note III could cannibalize some sales from it's corporate stable-mate.

Additionally, HTC is reporting that in the U.S., several hundred thousand people have left their email to pre-register for the HTC One mobile phone. The total is the largest to pre-register for any HTC device ever in the states and certainly would make it appear as though the phone will have a strong reception in the U.S. when launched. Pre-registering is nothing like a pre-order, though. When you pre-register, you simply give the manufacturer or carrier your email address to receive news and information about a particular device that you are interested in. With a pre-order, you are actually reserving a unit before the launch.

HTC President Jason Mackenzie also said that the manufacturer is talking to carriers and retailers in the U.S.about locking in specific delivery dates for the phone.The executive expects the HTC One to roll out across Europe, Asia and the U.S. in late April. The phone is launching in the U.K., Germany and Taiwan this week, while a shortage of camera parts has kept the phone from having a more widespread launch. HTC is putting a lot of effort into the phone. Each one takes 220 minutes to create.

The HTC One could be the manufacturer's last chance to survive. Previous attempts by HTC to carve out a niche for itself at the high-end of the Android market failed miserably. Last year's HTC One X suffered from a small battery which led the company to come up with the HTC One X+ which also could not make a dent in the market share held by the Samsung Galaxy S III. But this time, with the combination of a strong design, unique features like BlinkFeed and a strong marketing campaign, HTC might have finally come with a strong challenger.

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