Thursday, March 14, 2013

Select Samsung Galaxy S 4 features will be brought to the Galaxy S III

Did you hear? The Samsung Galaxy S 4 mobile phone is here! Yup, and it brings along plenty of new features that its maker has spiced up its interface with. In fact, pretty much the entire Samsung Galaxy S 4 unveiling event was focused around new functionality and applications, with very little time dedicated to bragging about hardware specs.

Now, we know there are millions of people holding on to their tried and trusty Samsung Galaxy S III, and at least some of them are wondering if their mobile phone will ever be able to do any of the magic its successor is capable of pulling off. To them we bring good news - Samsung has promised to bring as many Galaxy S 4 features to the Galaxy S III as it can.

Which ones will be on the list isn't clear, but it's certain that perks requiring special hardware in order to work won't make it. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 has an infrared blaster allowing it to work as a TV remote. The S III doesn't have one. Air Gestures are also out of the question, and so is any functionality that relies on a thermometer or barometer - all sensors present only on the Samsung Galaxy S 4.

On the other hand, it is quite possible to see Smart Scroll and Smart Pause on the Galaxy S III one day. After all, they just need a front-facing camera and the software itself in order to work. Besides, not long ago we saw them present on an alleged Galaxy S III software update. The new S Translator and S Drive applications are also potential candidates for being retrofitted onto the S III.

Still, that's just us trying to predict the future by throwing educated guesses on the table. Hopefully Samsung will soon disclose what Galaxy S 4 features will appear on older smartphones.

source: PCMag via The Verge

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