Friday, March 29, 2013

ThL to build a first-class Chinese brand

ThL smartphone insist to provide users with first-class quality, first-class prices, first-class service, to build a first-class Chinese brand. In less than two years time, become a dark horse in the smartphone market. Produced every smart phone, whether it is from the front-end research and development, or to the late service are monitored through checks at each. Phone devices by the top international suppliers; product configuration, use features and craftsmanship, with quality inspection standards higher than the same industry to be strict with themselves, the quality is the core competitiveness of ThL smartphone. Product quality and service philosophy of ThL smartphone has won the appreciation of the mass consumer also firm the future ThL smartphone work harder for the public to do word-of-mouth product, do Care belief.

ThL smart phone as a professional large-scale high-tech enterprise engaged in the mobile communication terminal product research and development, production, sales and service. ThL smartphone "technology to create a happy life for the brand purpose, three letters of its brand is the abbreviation of" Technology, Happy, Life ". The ThL smart phone not only has strong experience in mobile phone manufacturing and R & D technology, and none other "high cost" phones and direct sales, real users "sales concept in the market has made extraordinary attention and accomplishments, causing the industry concern within the eyebrows and a number of media reports.
Source: THL

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