Saturday, April 27, 2013

Huawei honor 3 with A15 quad-core CPU will be listed in June

Huawei consumers BG CEO yu ChengDong said huawei huawei will launch this summer a amazing Huawei mobile phone, but when he did not disclose the specific name and configuration information. Today, the latest news from huawei, according to huawei honor 3 will be available this summer, and the launch of according to time to see what he said before the machine should be impressive.

Huawei terminal CSO xu has certified the weibo, according to huawei honor 2 quad-core succeeded products for huawei honor, glory and he made it clear that huawei 3 time to market will be in June this year, at the same time, he said huawei honor 3 will bring new capabilities and features, but did not mention the detailed information and configuration.

Be worth what carry is, before the message shows that huawei will be launched this year based on architecture (A15 architecture of haisi K3V3 new quad-core processors, and from the point of the current information, will be in June this year listed on the huawei honor 3 is expected to become the first pick up the sea thought K3V3 processor's cell phone.
Source: Bicgate

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