Monday, April 15, 2013

ThL W7 nuances of the human design

THL smartphone's new 5.7-inch high with quad-core big-screen machine - THL W7 four nuclear notification bar nuances, in addition to cost-effective configuration so that customer satisfaction, user-friendly design.

Other mainstream smart machine on the market the THL W7 quad-core, "notification bar" set up 12 shortcut keys, click on the screen icon in the upper-right corner of the pop up. The difference is The THL W7 four nuclear nuances enough effort, several commonly used shortcut keys "key to set the shortcut experience, allowing users to use more convenient and efficient. Here the author from WLAN, Bluetooth, traffic usage scenarios, four aspects of detailed experience to explain.

WLAN settings of the phone, presumably everyone is familiar with. Used for the first time the use of intelligent machines in general If you want to open the WLAN to the main interface, "set the WLAN option" to find, search and then add the appropriate account. And the THL W7 four nuclear these steps into one, WLAN in the notification bar, press and hold the button for 2 seconds, the system will automatically jump to the WLAN Settings screen, simply open the can in one step. This small change, which greatly facilitates the users like to surf the web, more practical and convenient.

The THL W7 four nuclear monitoring traffic usage, to bring you a lot of practicality. The same method of operation, long press the notification bar traffic usage this icon, the system automatically jump to the traffic use interface, you can see both the SIM card and WLAN traffic usage, including daily, weekly period, occupied by each application flow, and automatically for you to draw a flow detection table, beyond the traffic system warning, marked by lines of different colors. This way a great convenience to the user to manage the traffic, save unnecessary traffic expenses, the equivalent of a "housekeeping" role.

THL W7 quad-core on the notification bar shortcut keys function may seem simple, but for the user save a lot of trouble, the use of the user's experience had a significant impact. Hardware configuration no matter how good swift and fierce, but the design of the system, the user experience is also largely determines the quality of a mobile phone, after all, another excellent hardware only application.

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