Friday, April 19, 2013

ThL W8 beyond the listing

THL smartphone will soon be listed on a high-profile new quad-core - THL W8 beyond. In fact, as early as the W7 quad-core listed, the part of the parameters this W8 beyond the already gorgeous exposed, 1080p Full HD display and quad-core processor parameters of the high coordination has impressive.

ThL W8 beyond the HD1280 * 720 resolution in a 5.0-inch quad-core models, the main display materials continue to use the more mainstream IPS HD capacitive screen. Renderings can be seen, this beyond gorgeous flagship overall fashion, adding streamlined arc design with smooth metallic border pursuit of fashion youth a sense of quality, but also more in line with the young family. Unlock interface THL smartphone official logo, clear and intuitive, and more conspicuous.

THL W8 beyond equipped with Android 4.1 operating system, built-in high-speed MTK6589 quad-core processor, running fast. Body memory also greatly improved, there are two versions, a 1 +4 G, another 1 +16 G, can be extended to 32G, can be said beyond its any product in the hardware configuration. Battery capacity is reached 2000mAh powerful battery life. It is worth mentioning, ThL W8 beyond the flagship equipped with a pre-5000000, rear 12 million high-definition camera, compared to some of the models on the market, high with quite competitive.
Source: THL

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