Thursday, April 25, 2013

ZTE V967S to cut prices to preempt market

ZTE launched "five inches one thousand yuan four nuclear model" ZTE V967S already issued jointly with the cool 7295, so far 7295 sales break the hundreds of thousands of cool, and released along with ZTE V967S without too much movement, after the release has been on the booking status, it had a lot to do with ZTE's mobile phone has been failed to delivery. ZTE V967S online mall price again a few days ago, and is expected to be shipped next week.

ZTE V967S has similar to Grand S appearance design, with almost already listed V987 points out of each other and microscopic observation are difference, ZTE V967S more thicker, the fuselage of V987 measurements for 141 * 70 * 9.2 mm, while ZTE V889D is 133 * 70 * 9.6 mm.

Hardware V967S like V987 with MTK MT6589 quad core 1.2 GHz processor, using the 5 IPS view screen and a resolution of qHD level 960 * 540, specifications for 1 gb + 4 g RAM ROM memory combination. Equipped with the first 300000 + 5 million pixels after dual cameras, running Android version 4.21 operating system, the standard 2500 milliampere built-in batteries commonly used sensors, to support dual microphone noise reduction, and other functions. Support for HSPA + high-speed network is one of the selling point of the machine, other ZTE U960 also supports WCDMA + GSM double card double stay function.

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