Tuesday, May 7, 2013

5.0 inch 720P quad-core ThL W8 build audio-visual horizons

ThL W8 comes with a brand new music player, to be exact, it is more like an information dynamic music magazine. In networking or data connected to the state, you can listen to songs online, replacing cumbersome download third-party music players; same time, the system provides a powerful online search and music charts, massive song unlimited listening. Moreover, in the lock screen music player will automatically appear without unlocking can be very convenient for the song on or off, but also star photos as wallpaper to enjoy. THL W8 this humane, intelligent design, is the largest visual enjoyment for music people.

ThL W8+ music player which also comes with a lot of unexpected surprises settings. Songs lock screen mode, you can set the swinging song, without having to enter the playback interface, just swinging around the phone will be able to easily switch to the next song, convenient and smart. The same time, it is also possible to replace the playback of the background complexion, filtered songs and files in 60 seconds or less, such as the sleep mode is set.

ThL W8+ configuration 5.0 inches with a resolution of 720p HD IPS hard screen and PowerVR GX544 image processing engine, rendering and image quality is very clear and brilliant viewing angle of 178 degrees, watching high-definition video, screen colors are not compromised at any point. Aircraft equipped with a frequency of 1.2GHz quad-core processor speed, excellent performance in drag and drop the video on its head, either drag the progress of a single high-definition video, or to switch between video and turn on the player , there is no pause block feeling, and enjoy the ultimate carefree audio and video speed. And the aircraft battery capacity of 2000 mA, chase idol or continuous viewing wonderful large, can lasting life.
Source: THL

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