Wednesday, May 15, 2013

THL T1 customized mobile phones listed this month

THL seem to release a lot of smart phones, ThL W7 there are two models, THL W8 and ThL W100. In the the Shenzhen Huaqiang North ZTE zone ThL store in the footsteps of people coming and going, there is always stopped at the store, sales also rising. Recently, news known as ThL smartphone will join China Mobile launched a the TD smart strong machine - THL T1.

THL smartphone will join China Mobile launched a TD smart strong machine - THL T1. This will use a 4.5-inch touch screen, screen resolution qHD (540 × 960 pixels) level, equipped with a quad-core processor, and also has a 800-megapixel camera, and supports China Mobile's 3G high-speed network. It is worth mentioning, Informed sources said that the price of the THL T1 will be very close to the people.

Until message is sung to be listed THL W8 +, but rather quiet. Before the news that this smartphone will be released in May, now and mid-May, motionless, appears to be nowhere in sight, poised maybe ThL, launch competitiveness phone, to seize the market THL T1 may be its secret weapon. THL smartphone into a comprehensive mobile 3G mobile phone market, not only relying on the powerful 3G mobile user resources, rich TD terminal product line, let ThL brand penetration of the price advantage by virtue of its own products in the domestic mobile phone market further deepen.

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