Friday, May 31, 2013

ThL W8+ lets a person have no reason to love with it

ThL W8+ has an enviable looks. Positive configure a 5.0 inches IPS capacitive screen 720P HD, bringing lifelike visual display, is it awakened the moment, just to see it, and then lazy mood has become refreshed. Moreover, the moment the alarm sounds, the ultimate surround sound listening experience brings new, crisp and sweet as the sound of Wan Lai.

ThL W8+ clocked at 1.2GHz high-speed quad-core processor, 28-nanometer process technology for the machine brings low power consumption, strong performance benefits of open more than one task, the response speed is also very smooth. While listening to arouse pleasant music while watching today brush microblogging events, even while playing the big game, it is all there is no pressure, but the ultimate touch screen experience to bring you a comfortable handheld trip.

ThL W8+ ThL smart phones equipped with a newly developed system jelly beans, rich applications and new UI interface to help you improve your work efficiency. Using voice assistant feature can help you quickly find the precise procedures required to use the system comes with SMS can be removed from the meeting disturbed, using the telephone yellow pages feature can help you find a bank or hotel information, as well as simulation calculator, essays record and other small tools, can help you improve the efficiency of daily work.

ThL W8+ since listing, has been well received by the majority of consumers love, users willing to pay for it. Not only because of its beautiful appearance and powerful configuration, more because it brings life for the majority of users with spiritual satisfaction, people love it for no reason, therefore, their market madness selling can imagine.
Source: THL

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