Thursday, May 30, 2013

ZP200 China's first naked eye 3D mobile phone

ZOPO mobile phone company to do it all themselves. ZP200 as China's first naked eye 3D smart phones, this alone will attract a lot of people, other configurations of the phone is quite good.

Now ZOPO ZP200 has been renamed Shining ? dazzling, the reason why the words "bright", it does have people dazzling places. Screen 4.3-inch Sharp ASV ultimate naked eye 3D display with a resolution of 960 * 540, showing very good results, whether it is watching 3D movies or 3D pictures are pretty good. On the mobile phone market, HTC has a naked eye 3D mobile phone, made ??in addition to Shining ? dazzling (ZP200) there was nothing to others. Hardware configuration is also very good, 1GHz the A9 core processor, GPU using POWER SGX531T, 1GB of RAM, 8MP main camera and 0.3MP front camera. The current system has also been upgraded to Android 4.0 system.

Overall, this is a very good phone configuration, the biggest bright spot is the naked eye 3D screen. Support 2D/3D free switch, using visual grating technology, so do not wear 3D glasses to enjoy 3D feast. Big screen but also in 3D. The phone is currently priced at $ 200 official website, in the configuration on the phone in the smart machine is quite a force. China Mobile also can make new ideas make a difference. If there is like the naked eye 3D users may wish to go ZOPO official website to see.
Source: ZOPO

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