Monday, June 24, 2013

ThL W9 world's first front 8.0MP autofocus intelligent machines upcoming

ThL smartphone listed a number of large-scale high-density flagship product, rather ThL W8 beyond, ThL T1, ThL W100 have already been listed, it means ThL W9 market is gradually accelerating pace of recent or lightning enter the market.

ThL W9 is the world's first powered front 8.0MP autofocus camera and rear 13.0MP back-illuminated camera 5.7 ??inch 1080P Full HD large screen smartphone. Configure a positive 1080P Full HD IPS screen ultra retina, PPI values ??up to 386, bring very crisp and clear picture display. Stylish atmosphere with piano paint design key layout for the aircraft to bring a comfortable smooth grip.

ThL W9 in the hardware configuration is also very powerful. Equipped with up to 800 million auto-focus front camera, can bring ultra-wide-angle, high-resolution timer results; rear camera is also up to 13 million pixels extreme, while adding back-illuminated sensor, significantly improve shooting under low light conditions, and bright flash support, a variety of scene modes, etc., imaging is very good.

ThL W9 and THL W11 all equipped with a frequency of 1.5GHz quad-core processor and IMGSGX544 powerful image processor, run the big game is very smooth. Memory combination 1GRAM +16 GROM, equipped with Android4.2 operating system, support 1080P HD video recording, support for GSM / WCDMA dual sim dual standby, also supports Bluetooth 4.0 version, strong compatibility.

Judging from the overall configuration, ThL W9 big screen seems to have been added to the current flagship of the queue, front 8.0MP autofocus, after 13.0MP back-illuminated camera, 1080P Full HD IPS Retina screen and super-powerful 1.5GHz quad-core processor, the overall configuration, attracted the attention of the majority of users. Currently, the aircraft is gradually accelerating pace of the listing, will soon meet with you.

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