Friday, June 28, 2013

ZOPO C1 phone pays attention to entertainment ali cloud system phone

ZOPO phone's performance in 2013 is very eye-catching, ZOPO first quad-core line of product upgrades, product sales increased rapidly. Building on these achievements, ZOPO does not meet the status quo, but chose a multi-line development. Recently, ZOPO equipped Ali has introduced two new cloud operating system machine: ZOPO C1, ZOPO C2.

ZOPO C1 front at the top of the handset with a single row of metal hole design, effectively guarantee the quality of the call. In its sides is provided with a front camera and light / proximity sensor, as well as an indicator, you can switch between the two colors red and green, for the Alert and charging status indication. The aircraft is equipped with front camera reached 2.0MP, can shoot 720p video. Phone bottom of the screen is still the familiar three virtual buttons. From left to right are set key, HOME key and back key. Three keys larger than the effective touch zone, effectively enhance the touch accuracy.

ZOPO C1 back with a 8.0MP camera, left to set an LED flash. Lower body printed with cloud OS logo and ZOPO's LOGO. Phone's speaker is located near the bottom, putting in the actual test, the phone's speaker performance is still quite good. Adjusted to play music at maximum volume when the handset does not appear the phenomenon of broken sound.

ZOPO C1 and ZOPO C3 are equipped with MTK6589 quad-core processor overall performance is still very good, and low power consumption, in addition to carrying the SGX 544MP image processor, full support for DirectX 9 Feature Level 3 and the greatest degree of hardware acceleration, low power consumption at the same time more powerful, the overall experience is very good.

We can still see this ZOPO C1 still find many highlights: the quad-core processor, five-inch HD high definition screen, 800w pixels, 2000mAh big capacity battery, dual card dual standby, and workmanship. There is also a special feature of this model: Ali cloud systems equipped with a lot of design concepts, such as business cards, automatic call, "musical teaser" and other functions are very attentive. Moreover, many basic functions can be achieved by means of the cloud features new user experience, I believe Z0PO ZP980 better than ZOPO C1  give people a fresh feeling.

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