Saturday, June 22, 2013

ZOPO C2 white version uses the corning second generation gorilla glass

Alibaba launched Ali to users worldwide cloud systems series phones, which Ali flagship model ZOPO C2 most eye-catching. Then C2 released soon ZOPO launched ZOPO C3, many media have reported ZOPO C2 stunning beauties out. From the back of the watch, it is like a marble in general, is very seductive. The recent ZOPO official white version of a series of promotional action, the aircraft will be officially listed in the near future.

White version ZOPO C2 compared with the previous black version, not only the color changed, an advantage which can not be ignored, and that is the white version of the second generation using Corning Gorilla Glass Gorilla Glass thickness lower than the generation of 20% . This glass is very low surface roughness, smooth feel, will not cause unintentional damage to scratches. As the most unique feature is that users are scratch has been the most willing to challenge a project, some users wish to use a knife or a key scratch on the screen, in order to test the glass scuff resistance, often wipe the screen, do not show scratches . Staff Corning Gorilla Glass and ordinary glass made ??soft pressure test comparison, the results show, Corning Glass damaged rates than ordinary glass damage was significantly lower.

Also in ZOPO C2 original 13.0MP HD pixel basis, the white version ZOPO C2 camera is also equipped with a blue glass filter, effectively improve the present, most smart phone camera redness make the photo shoot more natural colors closer to the true colors.

ZOPO C2 and ZOPO ZP980 on top with a powerful configuration, sharp handsome appearance, highly cost-effective prices a sensation, becoming the first choice for users to purchase. The phone not only equipped with five inches Full HD Ultra Retina display, resolution of full HD 1080P, also equipped with 5.0MP +13.0 MP back-illuminated camera. Integration of body and extremely high-end configuration has been quite a few media and consumers. In addition, C2 is also equipped with different versions, in addition to 16G C2 and the upcoming white version, there are a Standard Edition 1.2GH quad-core, 1GB +4 GB of memory and 32G version 1.5GH quad-core, 2GB +32 GB of memory. Like a friend discretion to buy.

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