Thursday, June 27, 2013

ZOPO C3 love fashion love taking pictures from a women-only smartphones

ZOPO mobile phones active in this year's C-Series recently added a member, the machine is called ZOPO C3, will be equipped with Le Frog OS systems market, not the former two models Ali cloud system, and the phone is positioned as love fashion self-love of the female users. Recently on ZOPO C3 pricing information has taken shape, it is learned C3 will be listed starting price of $ 999, and time is already revealed the official 28th of this month for a free appointment.

And ZOPO C2 tough atmosphere different, ZOPO C3 and C2 is similar although if fuselage, but there are improvements in the details, the overall style is more interested in soft, machine, like the thickness of 8.5 mm and C2, the same ultra-narrow frame design, plus white, pink, blue three beautiful colors, appearance, presumably in female users have greater appeal.

Another feature is ZOPO C3 will collaborate with the music frog, frog OS provides customized by the music system, known as China's third-party ROM, Le Frog ROM fluency, ease of use we have seen, can guess, ZOPO C3 equipped the Le frog ROM will be taken into more personalized elements, such as female-specific applications.

In addition, ZOPO C3 overall same mainstream hardware configuration, the aircraft is equipped with a 1.5GHz frequency MT6589T main quad-core processor, 5 inches IPS wide fit screen, 1920 x 1080 display resolution, with Corning Gorilla Glass screens. Terms of memory use 1G RAM +16 G ROM combination of large capacity, can support 64G expansion. With front 5.0MP +13.0 MP back-illuminated CMOS (blue glass filter) dual high-definition cameras, standard 2000 mA battery, can support WCMDA + GSM dual network.

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