Wednesday, June 19, 2013

ZOPO C3 stunning appearance exclusively for women to build intelligent machines

Currently, the Internet's most popular smartphones - Ali flagship ZOPO C2 16G version is network selling, caused great repercussions, but ZOPO official website of the action point of view, ZOPO did not stop. Recently, there are users exposed news, ZOPO Following C2, the star will soon launch another flagship model is likely to "C3". Sure enough, as users expected, ZOPO official website is holding a debate about the Zhengminghuodong C3, which confirmed the presence of C3, and soon will meet with you.

ZOPO C3 slightly rounded lines, using the pink cover, with a slim, stylish aesthetic bias throughout the design style, unlike ZOPO C2 tough cold, which we can hazard a guess that C3 may be a female mobile phone, a models designed for fashionable young women to build high-end smart phones. Exposure of the hardware configuration are: 5 inches FHD screen, quad-core 1.5GHz, 1GBRAM +16 GBROM, 1300 megapixel rear, 5MP ex-pats, is still the most sophisticated large collection of parameters, the configuration is quite powerful, it may also release brought us another surprise.

It was hypothesized that ZOPO C3 will continue ZOPO phone family naming rules, at present, it is unclear its time, it is certain that, C3 and C2 form style will differentiate contrast.

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