Thursday, June 13, 2013

ZOPO naked eye 3D mobile visual experience evaluation

With the rapid evolution of intelligent terminal products, chip technology, the rapid increase, as well as the further development of mobile Internet, this year's Mobile World Congress (MWC 2012) on the display terminal products like flowers Jing Yan in general, to become the biggest bright spot. One of the most cool than the naked eye 3D technology. With the major international manufacturers naked eye 3D smart phones continued to skyrocket, some manufacturers began to turn to the naked eye 3D intelligent machines ranks. Recently, ZOPO smart phone pioneered the domestic first naked eye 3D intelligent machines, in addition to mainstream Android smart systems, add the naked eye 3D features only toggle 2D/3D also become its luminous point. Today, let us know under this China's first naked eye 3D models ZP200.

ZP200 is ZOPO smartphone launched the first domestic naked eye 3D intelligent machines, built using parallax barrier technology naked eye 3D imaging capabilities, can at any time 2D/3D switch, allowing users to fully experience the stereoscopic imaging visual experience. In addition to the naked eye 3D technology outside, ZOPO C2 also features a 4.3-inch Sharp ASV screen, 960 * 540 pixel resolution, and uses MediaTek MTK6575 processor chip, 1G Hz frequency of the cortex A 9 kernel. In addition, 1GB RAM + 4GB ROM DDR2 memory with double read rate also makes it faster and smoother running speed.

ZP200 back with matte paint materials, not only to prevent a fingerprint reader, and feel very delicate. In addition, ZP200's 8.5mm body is very thin, so ZP200 look more stylish and beautiful. ZP200 4.3 inch 16 million Sharp ASV capacitive multi-touch screen with a resolution of 960 * 540. From a practical point of view display, ZP200 higher viewing angle, and saturation, the sun is still visible. With high-speed 3G network, users browsing the web or watching online video, the visual effect is very good.

ZOPO ZP980 whole body understated clarity, smooth style and atmosphere; 4.3 inches large screen lets you watch movies or surf can get extraordinary enjoyment; 1GHz chip processor +1 G memory so you do have to cope; 8.0MP camera allows you to easily record live each moment; stunning naked eye 3D applications, allowing you to enjoy the ultimate real visual experience.

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