Friday, June 14, 2013

ZOPO ZP100 4.3 inches sharp ASV HD screen

ZOPO ZP100 equipped with a 4.3-inch Sharp ASV HD screen, display is outstanding. ZOPO reached a 960x540 resolution level, color saturation was 90%, mainly in the sharpness and contrast aspects of the upgrade. Thus showing a realistic picture quality. With multi-touch technology, so that the user's screen operating experience better.

Back of the phone has a 5.0MP camera design, and equipped with a dual LED flash. The camera consists of a gold ring wrapped, it can better highlight the whole camera. The speakers are located on the right rear of the camera, you can avoid the body while holding the speaker blocked to happen.

ZOPO ZP100 body appearance or distinctive, and ZOPO C3 naked eye 3D models compared to, I believe ZP100 body is more dynamic, more technological sense. Open the back cover of the phone is also more intuitive way, the bottom of the screen you can see the groove on the back cover.

ZOPO ZP100 phone uses a mainstream Android2.3.6 operating system, the official said the follow-up can be upgraded to Android4.0 operating system. ZOPO ZP100 has a lock screen interface is closer to the native Android system interface, and not too complicated functions to another slide to unlock, slide to the left is to adjust the sound.

In the photo, ZOPO ZP100 has a 5.0MP camera. First we look at camera support functions. Into the camera, you will see the function bar supports special features. IPhone4S single camera mode and different, ZOPO C2 support ordinary camera, video camera, multi-angle shooting, panoramic photos and automatic scene detection. At the same time, you can also attribute for the image, color effects to be adjusted. The benefit is that you can let the camera function largely replaced the role of third-party camera applications. The following is the actual photo proofs, showing 5.0MP prime imaging results is satisfactory.

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