Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Interpretation of ThL W11 three staple user experience

ThL W11 have front-facing 13.0 MP rear acme pixel + 13.0 MP high-resolution, top pictures with high performance is almost beyond any product on the market. Especially the front-facing 13.0 MP take performance, breaking global smartphone front-facing camera pixels record, ThL to become the world's first 13.0 MP front-facing camera smartphone, take pictures more clarity.

THL W11 have adopted the most advanced OGS laminating technology, due to reduced a panel, led screen thin 20%, up 50% light transmittance and the entire screen become particularly insightful, appearance also more hale and hearty. Head-on with the configuration, a 5.0 -inch full 1080 p hd IPS super retina screen, make more vivid details, give you a wonderland of jade pool visual shock, 16:9 wide-screen design allows you to enjoy anytime, anywhere immersive viewing experience.

ThL W11 is configured with 32G of memory fuselage + 2G memory, that can be easily mass storage required for application, speed into the big games, smooth high-definition video, easily up to a number of program runs, myriad applications, games, movies, music follow storage. ThL W11 equipped with a 1.5GHz quad-core processor speed, processing performance increased by 1.5 times than in the past, and supports HSPA +21 Mbps high-speed network, allowing users to enjoy high-speed experience.

ThL W11 carrying the jelly beans 2.0 system based on Android4.2 depth development, after more than 72 items and change, joined the cool UI interface, a clear navigation task, manual swing song, and other functions, control more humanity, privacy protection and security, there are thousands of themes and tens of thousands of kinds of collocation, bring new intelligent operation experience to the user. In addition to THL W9 and ThL W8 Beyond, THL W11 become THL smartphones heavyweight products.

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