Monday, July 15, 2013

ZOPO generation flagship mobile phone and PC perfect combination

ZOPO giant screen is secretly preparing a new machine, it is learned ZOPO this product is likely to be launched next-generation flagship joint Ali, from the exposure the picture to see the phone at least six inches above the screen has more than millet three big circle, follows the ZOPO C2 ultra-narrow frame, it seems a lot narrower than millet 3, corners and millet three completely different design with rounded corners, the specific model is not clear, there is speculation is most likely continue after Ali ZOPO C2 generation flagship. The recent virtue known as "the perfect phone" ZOPO C3, also ZOPO first woman on the phone, successfully reached the women's market, the joint Jingdong exclusive pre-sale, the consumer boom was robbed.

As the new phone system is equipped with Ali masterpiece, ZOPO C2 Platinum market performance amazing. Pre-sale period, ZOPO C2 declared sold in the short term, in order to meet consumer enthusiasm, had an additional number of pre-sales. And now, two months from the product launch has been, more vendors in order to meet consumer demands and suggestions, and strive for product configuration and appearance upgrades, has launched ZOPO C2 4G Standard Edition, 16G version, 32G Ultimate and white version. With 1080P Full HD screen ZOPO C2, also introduced ZOPO ZP980 smart video phone super retina, in April conference stole the show. The debut of the upgraded version ZOPO C2, still continues a 5-inch screen, full HD 1080P powerful specifications, while the quad-core CPU main frequency up to 1.5GHz, up to 25 percent full, while the built-in storage space increased from 4GB to 16GB.

ZOPO does not meet current achievements, homeopathic launch this Ali generation flagship mobile phone market competition on the large screen. Currently not a lot of information about the machine, this new machine is currently a giant screen Secret flagship new machine, it can be seen ZOPO still in the screen display a big fuss. Many Zhuo material is also said that it expected ZOPO again with the launch of this new generation of Ali, giant screen flagship. From the early launch of several products can be seen, ZOPO mobile phone in terms of shape, or configuration are constantly go beyond, catching top brands. From ZOPO recently introduced several high-end products, the speculation that this section of the new machine configuration giant screen contrast ZOPO C2, C3 will never be low. After all, this machine uses six inches above the screen, obviously ZOPO will enter the high-end mobile phone market. Although there are now friends shouted, 6 inches above phones take up bigger than the tile, but with the different needs of the market, the urban population is still on the phone and safe computer is the perfect combination of trend is still expected.

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