Thursday, July 18, 2013

ZOPO new mobile phones released in August

Recently has been very popular new ZOPO smartphone brand mobile phone, following China's first naked eye 3D mobile ZP200 launch, 5S call center, store experience around the terminal opened mall hot hot and some out much industry attention after the events of yesterday from ZOPO informed that the new product is expected in a summer dawn of August will be officially on the market, but the product selling point, the specific core positioning direction and price information, ZOPO indicates temporarily convenient to disclose.

ZOPO general manager of operations Yuan Xiaofeng pointed out during an interview, ZOPO adhere to the "ultimate visual experience" as the brand positioning, the first flagship product ZP980 with powerful selling points and cost advantages, identify the location and successfully into the market. But ZOPO never stopped the pace of new product development work has been carried out in secret.

It is understood, ZOPO ZP200 first flagship product using the latest cortex A9 core, 1Ghz processor, 1G RAM and 4G ROM large memory, equipped with Android 2.3.6 system (upgradeable to 4.0), so that a variety of large-scale applications to run smoothly unimpeded; equipped with up to 8.0MP for SONY CMOS HD camera, and supports 720P HD video recording with sound; ZOPO ZP980, ZOPO C2 and ZOPO C3 has an innovative integrated smart clip dual battery design, double the total 2700 mA, so that battery life multiply! Meanwhile, support for GSM GSM / WCDMA dual mode mobile Unicom, high-speed 3G instantly switch!

With the rapid development of smart phones, competition, major brands launch new products continues to accelerate. Samsung, Motorola, HTC and other major brand products competing bloom market, THL, millet, Meizu, ZOPO other Chinese brands to be outdone, has introduced new products to seize the smart phone market. In this context, mobile phone manufacturers how to quickly meet the diverse needs of consumers has become a top priority in the development of domestic manufacturers.

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