Thursday, August 8, 2013

Iocean ready to launch MT6592 eight-core smartphone

MediaTek officially announced true eight-core white paper, launched eight-core processor MT6592 has become a matter of just around the corner, and the production time is roughly the fourth quarter of this year, no accident, then early next year, will be able to see the program's eight nuclear powered MTK6592 Smart mobile phones, is now in doubt do not know which vendors will be the first to launch eight-core products only.
Many previously have cooperation with MediaTek's THL and ZOPO mobile phone manufacturers have expressed the will to launch using the MT6592 chip, eight-core products, recently iocean executives wrote in his article "leak", iocean phone will also be launched in eight nuclear smartphone.

iocean phones introduced this year 1080P screen iocean X7 is a high-heat products listed earlier occupied the time advantage, coupled with good design, captured a large number of fans, the aircraft is currently launched several versions are powered by MTK programs. By iocean executives to disclose the information display, there have been spy photos of new products coming out iocean next generation quad-core will be used MTK platform, and the new machine will continue to show high-definition line, using the FHD-level Full HD screen, it is easy to guess large screen new machine may be equipped with more powerful performance of MT6589T four nuclear program. Thus, iocean phone with MTK forged a "bond", although not expressly late introduction of the eight-core smart phone using the platform, but the possibility of using the MT6592 rising rapidly.

MediaTek has been promoting its products not only to have high performance, low power consumption and also to take into account, with its own unique and advanced scheduling algorithms and optimizing the size of nuclear architecture that allows MT6592 high load in multitasking eight-core firepower, while the low-load part of the core is enabled to maintain low power consumption, to achieve the perfect balance of performance and power consumption, which is why many China Mobile Phones manufacturers launch eight-core products in response one of the reasons, I believe there will be more manufacturers to join up.

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