Monday, August 5, 2013

Jiayu S2 using MT6592 eight-core processor appearance of fine

MediaTek MT6592 push true eight-core processor message one, attracted a large number of Chinese manufacturers respond, according to industry insiders said that the current domestic Lenovo, ZTE, Jin, OPPO and THL other Warlords have launched MTK6592 eight core product plans, the Ministry of parts manufacturers have begun testing eight-core, in addition to many emerging brands are really want to launch vehicle carrying eight nuclear program products.
Recently Jiayu Mobile announced a message, its Jiayu S2 has received design patent certificate, and indicated at the end of S2 will be available, but the most unexpected people are Jiayu S2 will use eight-core processor, probably the MT6592.

China Mobile Phones design patent certificate can be obtained must have merit, it is understood Jiayu Jiayu S2 may be the appearance of the product known by the phone most exquisite models. Aircraft measurements is 139 * 67.5 * 6 mm, the thickness of a single point of view from a lot of China has surpassed thin as a selling point to the flagship product, in addition to the opportunity with a 5-inch screen, but the width but only 67.5, it is conceivable How narrow border of the aircraft, official data showed S2 border width of only 1.7 mm! From the renderings look really gives amazing feeling. In addition to this phone is a full-metal materials to build models, to further enhance the aircraft grade. Thus, with a thin thickness, very narrow frame and all-metal body Jiayu S2 will become a true boutique Jiayu phone models.

Current configuration on S2 official has announced a small portion of the phone’s screen size is 5.0 inches, uses a level FHD 1920 * 1080 Full HD resolution, but the most important is the opportunity to use eight-core processor, from the official launch at the end of the given period of time may be estimated, Jiayu S2 likely use is MT6592 eight-core platform!
From the recent Jiayu phone announced several new machines look, Jiayu phone is a fine line to go from the known JIAYU G4 to today’s Jiayu S2, an even more amazing than the last, concerns MTK6592 eight-core mobile phone netizens and have to look forward to.

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