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ThL W8 Smart Phone Review

With the large-scale of large-screen cellphones booming, 4-inch screen is no longer the standard collocation of smart phone, and recently 5-inch phones has hitting the shelves in large scale. What shall be reviewed is the 5-inch 720p screen phone selling at the price of 211 bucks-ThL W8. it is equipped with quad-core processor and 320W pixel front-facing camera, and then we shall evaluate its own performance.

The combination of A7 quad-core and 1GB RAM can satisfy the everyday need very well. Its 5-inch 720p screen also reaches 294ppi, which is quite vivid and delicate. Selling at the price of 211 bucks, ThL W8 is the phone with high quality and low price.
Judging from its appearance, ThL W8 looks like Samsung phone to some extent: imitative metal wiredrawing shading, mellow and full panel and narrow frame, all of which have somewhat signs of Samsung. However, its workmanship is quite great and the texture as well as quality is also appreciable.
ThL W8 adopts 5.0-inch screen, which is of 1280×720 resolution, 294ppi pixel density. Besides, its performance of color reduction and visible angle is good. The arc-shape design of the screen as well as the delicate touch feeling is also comfortable.
002761812                                             (320W front-facing camera)
The keys on the low side adopt the design of entity key plus the touch control. Its Home key adopts metal material, on which the drawing lines exist. Besides, its surrounding part is exquisite. When the screen is not lighted, the menu key on the left and the return key on the right are not displaying while it is lighted , both keys appear.
ThL W8 adopts the integral design of panel and double glue injection is used. The basement uses the metal wiredrawing shading while the surface adopts transparent plastic. The main camera is of 800W pixel display and the LED light supplement lamp is collocated.

Those who are careful may find the swelling part will be designed near the loudspeaker. When we put it on the table, the swelling part will relieve the wear and tear of its back; on the other side, the loudspeaker will be raised so that we won’t miss the calls in case of the loudspeaker being covered.
                   (the volume key on the left and power key on the right)
It’s 9.9mm thick, which touches quite comfortable. The keys on sides are also designed reasonably, for instance, the power key is designed on the right side while the volume key is on the left side which can be reached by the forefinger.
(the earphone hole,data cable interface on the top and microphone interface on the bottom)
On the top is the common 3.5mm earphone hole and micro USB cable interface while on the bottom is the microphone interface.
Its back is detachable, which can be realized via the concave slot next to the microphone interface. Besides, we can know it’s a dual-card standby phone, which also stands by WCDMA and GSM network and expansion of the storage.
The battery has the storage of 2000mAh, which is quite enough for the phone which uses cortex-A7 quad-core processor with low power dissipation. For those love playing games can buy one more battery and another mobile battery for reserve.
The loading and operation of the interface and webpages are smooth.
As to the OS, ThL W8 adopts Android 4.2 OS and original Android interface. The switching interfaces and other operations are quite smooth. There are not many built-in application programs, but some practical ones are also installed such as Adobe Flash Player.
(dividing the screen can be realized via sliding on the screen)
                           (SMS interface can be added )
Android 4.2 adds the function of dividing screens. Except the main screen and whole application interfaces, pages of divided screens when we slide on the screen, which can be switched via sliding towards both sides. Besides the clock, the information function can be also added. When we slide towards the right direction, the divided screen of camera is shown and the camera’s function can be operated.
(notification bar on the pulling-down interface and shortcut key interface)
                                      (the main interface)
(the application menu  and small softawre interface)
Since the system of ThL W8 is alike to original Android OS, not many new function are added, which shall not be explained in details. Then we’ll test its browsing function. After testing, its preinstalled webpage browser performs well in loading and zooming, moreover, the video playing online is also supported. Providing that the network is in good condition, HD video online can be also played smoothly.
(the preinstalled browser has the smooth effect.)
                                (video playing online is quite smooth.)
Then we’ll turn to Vellamo to test the webpage function of ThL W8. Vellamo is the software to test the browser property. The test includes the testing of HTML5 and rendering ability of Flash, the execution ability of Javascript as well as two tests of Sun Spider and V8 Benchmark. What’s most special is that Vellamo adds the function of loading speed of the webpage and fluency of operation, which can be helpful for kinds of evaluations.
By virtue of test of MultiTouch Tester, it turns out to support 5-point touch, which can have great experience in browsing pictures, webpages and playing games.
   In summary, the property in browsing the webpage is quite good. From the actual experience it can be known that the effect can be rather smooth, webpages response as well as loading speed is quite nice.
Hardware and performance
   Then it’s going to test the hardware and the performance of property. ThL W8 is collocated with MTK6589 quad-core processor with 1.2GHz main frequency

AnTuTu Benchmark is designed software to test the performance of phones and tablets with Android systems, which can score the comprehensive and individual property in effective manners.
The result turns out quite nice. Though the comprehensive property of ThL W8 is in the entry-level of quad-core phones, it outstrips far beyond the dual-core ones. What’s more, MT6589 is the quad-core processor in A7 frame, which is of low energy dissipation and also can ensure the endurance of the phone.
What’s following is test the graphic property via nenamark2, which shall test it by playing a piece of videos. The tested aspects include reflection, dynamic shadow, surface parameters. The result is 44.1 frame per second, which can ensure the smoothness of general large-scale 3D games.
Though ThL W8 cannot compare with those phones costing much, it’s a good choice for those who pay much attention to its practicality.
800W pixel display is quite good.
Then turn to the shooting function of the phone. As it adopts a 800W pixel display camera, which can support 3264×2448 resolution. Then we shall see the effect of photos.
It can be observed that in the condition of front light the imaging performance is quite amazing. In the condition of backlight, the sign of overexposure occurs on the left upper part. Besides, the fluff of the dandelion is also presented vividly and the details are reserved quite well.
   The advantages of ThL W8:
Reliable workmanship
5-inch 720p IPS screen
Dual-card standby and supporting WCDMA/GSM
quad-core collocation with high quality and low price
Good-quality imaging
   The disadvantage of ThL W8
Painstaking imitation in appearance
  As the phone selling 211 bucks, ThL W8 not only adopts 5-inch HD large-screen, but also adopts quad-core processor with outstanding function. Its 800W pixel main camera and 320W front-facing camera contributes to great entertaining experience. Those who are interested should pay attention to it.

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