Monday, September 2, 2013

China mobile phones PK international big brands phone

In September for foreign users, this may be by IFA, but for Chinese users, the busy September began on September 2, the first gun is meizu conference held in water cube. This time the meizu MX3 will launch new Flyme, will also take a larger screen, with j. ong's words, there is no better than that with the domestic mobile phone, maybe this time the "THINK BIG" really there will be a BIG action.

And the next is the IFA show obviously before the opening of the samsung and SONY in Germany Berlin conference. Samsung GALAXY Note 3 is undoubtedly the Android platform high-profile domestic flagship model, the 5.7 -inch 1080 p screen, 800 or 5 Octa Exynos Xiao dragon processor is what we are looking forward to the top of the hardware configuration, and that S Pen this will bring us what surprise at present is still unknown. In contrast, Sony Xperia Z1, this is One Sony Sony concept representation embodied in the true sense, both the screen and take photos into the Sony technology related to other product lines. 20.7 MP camera pixels SONY G can bring us what kind of shock in the mobile phone image quality, the phone can become a challenge nokia's strong photo machine, is the answer we desire in September day.

In the second day of the two big international brand new appearance, we ushered in the Xiaomi hand machine 3 release. In terms of Xiaomi, actually there is no doubt that its configuration will not let us down, we are more curious about this kind of mobile phone of pricing, and within how long was the rice noodles are gone crazy. After a former Google executives to join, Xiaomi if this time of the conference will be changed? Will have more breakthroughs in software? This is also our very concern at present.

The next September 23 is quite interesting, OPPO N1 is the pictures of the mobile phone, no doubt, but more interesting is the OPPO specially in weibo @ in front of a few brands of mobile phones, says OPPO N1 will be September drama finale. Who want to invest the cool observatory 4, which carry the Tegra4 super cool new flagship of the processor will be equipped with a 5.9 -inch FHD display, 13.13 million pixels main camera, even with the current exposure for Coolwatch wisdom can watch accessories, become the first domestic equipment collocation intelligent wear smart watch. September, and the Android platform war, will photograph OPPO flagship with cool observatory 4 battle ended.

In September of this year is not lonely, in September of this year will also take the initiative to let users in the next upgrade prime-time have more choices. Whether you love taking photos, accessories or innovation capability, in September this year the Android phone will allow you to find your favorite products. The show in September, which opens next, let us together to witness with you.

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