Wednesday, September 4, 2013

UMI X2 practical version on sale starting in September 6

UMI phone with Brush Elf force recommended the launch of UMI X2 machines have been listed for several months, following the high and low with two versions later, X2 will be added in the new version, the new version called UMIX2 practical, will use 1G RAM +32 G ROM memory combined price of thousand files in this combination of the Android phone is very rare.

UMI X2 practical version was launched to replace the original low version (1G RAM +16 G ROM), might be called low with an upgraded version, the version in addition to built-in storage space to upgrade to 32G, the other specifications will not change. Also surprising is the launch of the upgrade version of the price is still practical and low version to maintain a consistent, the same is 1199 yuan, officially started selling time is at 10:00 on September 6, 5 inches 1080P screen + MT6589T +1 G / 16G +1300 million pixels arranged in such a practical version of UMIX2, 1199 yuan price of the product at the same price has a strong competitive edge.

In addition, some gossip show, UMI phones coming in the Online Shopping Store launch cross-border networks have already requested product-cross, no accident, then the formal launch is expected from September to October, and is said to have two years ago, the mysterious new machines coming soon, from UMI phone gives fever, players and other words, the new product will not necessarily low hardware specifications, concerns UMI mobile phone users have a new to look forward to.

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