Sunday, November 3, 2013

INew will push eight-core smartphone run sub-exposure

We are familiar with the many China mobile phone brands, there are still some people seldom heard of mobile phone brand, their products are rarely sold in the country, focusing on Hong Kong and Taiwan as well as foreign markets, along with the domestic hot market, many of which brand began to return, iNew phone that is one one.

Recently received the revelations, iNew phone will have a blockbuster products will be listed, but will adopt MTK MT6592 true eight -core processor, and run points and some system information was exposed.

Specific models of this product is unknown, but the association to iNew in this year's Hong Kong Electronics Fair unveiled a mysterious flagship product iNew V3, now there's eight core phone might be possible that the new machine iNew V3. According photos can be found below, this phone uses a 1.7GHz frequency MT6592 main eight-core processor, with 1GB of memory to run, but the engineering test unit's internal memory is only 4GB, clearly not enough flagship qualification, estimated mass production version specifications are subject to change. In addition it also 800W pixel camera with a resolution of 1920 * 1080. Master Lu gave the phone close to 30,005 thousand composite score.

While it is still not sure iNew phones upcoming product is iNew V3, but the view from the release time to market still has some potential, this flagship product positioning perhaps in other ways bright spots to watch.

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