Thursday, November 7, 2013

Jiayu S2 eight-core and exquisite craft the most attracting users

Jiayu phone all products, in addition to a S1, other models are equipped with the MTK platform, from the beginning to the classic models Jiayu G2 now Jiayu G4, Jiayu G5, one step at a really came to the attention of Jiayu China mobile phone Friends of the machine brings surprises, and more surprises are often reported in the back.

By Jiayu S2 official propaganda map and spread out the real machine diagram contrast, there are many similarities between the two is not difficult to find, but also the side that the product that is S2! If renderings PS component may exist, then the real machine spy photos show the contents of the testifying Jiayu S2 craft powerful. S2 overall style is still the G-series compact candybar rounded design, but there is a qualitative improvement process.

Machine industrial design is another prominent place with a large area of the metal material to build the fuselage, and has impressive body thickness. Given from the official data showed, S2 thickness of only 6 mm, will become vivo X3 and Huawei P6 and later a handful of products such as ultra-thin products.

As has been the appearance of Jiayu's patent product, this phone does not seem to have a high profile suspense, according to the roadside community outgoing S2 configuration information display, Jiayu S2 core configuration called flagship -class. The aircraft is the most attractive place will be equipped with MT6592 true eight -core processor, will use the version is still unknown how much the frequency is estimated 2GHz, 5 Inch 1080P Full HD screen, OGS full screen should not be less fit, in addition to memory specifications as 2G RAM +32 G ROM combination, to achieve 800W pixel front camera, which is the first pre- 800W camera Jiayu products, the main camera for the 1300W pixels. It is noteworthy that the machine is only 6 mm thick, the battery capacity has reached 2000 mA, technology advances will undoubtedly reflect.

In addition Jiayu S2, the said long exposure Jiayu G6 will also use MTK6592 platform, while the original Jiayu G4 and Jiayu G5 Both products will be upgraded to 8 -core, it seems the upcoming eight -core era, Jiayu phone are fully ready product is currently left to the official arrival.

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