Thursday, December 12, 2013

TCL idol X+ into the high-end market in luxuriant metamorphosis
TCL Moible Phone has launched a high-end mobile phone market in the TCL idol X, TCL Hero N3 two acclaimed products, on the 26th of this month, TCL's new flagship product- idol X+ will also be Beijing officially released. The conference protagonist is equipped with the new eight-core processor idol X+ and supporting wearable devices.

TCL mobile phones this year launched several flagship model, choose to TCL idol X+ to convene the conference, which shows the degree of attention TCL Mobile this new product, idol X+ also TCL Mobile R & D capabilities in the field of intelligent machines centralized reflected. As recently as November 20, MediaTek released the world's first eight-core mobile chip- MT6529, and TCL Mobile brand as its largest single customer, no doubt became its first partners.

In addition to the strong performance MT6529 eight-core chips, as TCL idol X S950 upgraded version, I believe idol X+ many more exciting places, we can predict this will be a flagship high-end products. According to TCL official, idol X+ will be equipped with intelligent wearable accessories, these highlights make this upcoming TCL Mobile unveiled the highly anticipated idol X+.

From the beginning of this century, alternately, TCL mobile phones when entering the market directly targeting the high-end market, occupied the strategic high ground. TCL Hero N3 in the market triggered a frenzy. In 2004, TCL mobile phones to their own strength to acquire Alcatel mobile phone business, to bring the advantages of Alcatel, in the era of smart phones turned on, TCL Mobile to respond quickly in the market, leading no small wave. Experienced the hard work precipitated the global market for several years, this is the king of TCL Mobile to return to the Chinese market pose a critical hit.

The key point in this fast-growing mobile phone business, TCL Mobile launched a new flagship TCL idol X+, TCL mobile phone or intended to take the product into the domestic first-line phone market. TCL Mobile is striving to achieve the brand's younger, fashion, international transformation, from pre-launch TCL idol X and TCL Hero N3 we can be discerned. This time the idol X+ show more ambition TCL mobile phones, whether it is strong or excellent system hardware configuration, stylish exterior design, unique wearable devices, let us looking forward to this product.

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