Monday, December 2, 2013

TCL mobile phones collocation wearable devices taking the path of differentiation
TCL Moible Phone upcoming eight-core New-TCL idol X+, the highlight of the phone is not only to carry the MTK's first eight-core processor, and is an upgraded version of the TCL idol X, and before TCL idol X as TCL Mobile launched a joint Jingdong custom cell phone stylish and beautiful, strong overall configuration, a 5.0-inch touch screen, resolution can reach 1080p (1080 × 1920 pixels ) full HD level, is the first TCL 1080p screen smartphone. I believe as an upgraded version of the idol X+ will be even better in the configuration, compared to the previous TCL idol X S950, a slight change in the corners, rounded body more slim in terms of aircraft parts will probably also bring us more surprises.

In Andrews smart times, the smart phone chips more integrated, consistent Android operating system, the phone has been difficult to manufacture functional differentiation, cell phones increasingly high degree of homogeneity, many Chinese mobile phone is always difficult to jump out of price competition the cycle. The TCL Mobile is unique at this juncture, and more interesting accessories by rich to create differentiated products.

TCL Mobile pre-launch TCL Hero N3 addition to excellent hardware configuration and high cost, is also a big issue in the accessories market. And Hero N3 also introduced the exclusive mini Bluetooth headset, LED light array shell folders, wireless charging clip so useful and interesting, allowing users to really feel the " smart" way of life. And this idol X+ in turn bring us what surprise? TCL idol X+ will be released with wearable devices together, TCL Mobile is currently being vigorously layout wearable devices in the field, in cooperation with well-known Internet companies to develop the first wearable device. In today's official announcement of the smart phone TCL wear design draft diagram, we can see some clues, the wearable device is likely to be the watch, the specific function is not known, as the well-known Internet companies, and now it seems the most It is possible that Tencent.

Wearable smart devices has always been a people on technology products form the ultimate dream, and in 2013, we gradually see this dream become a reality. Sony Smart Watch, the Samsung GALAXY Gear, Geek Watch and so gradually into our field of vision, a wearable every release will lead to heated debate. TCL mobile phones and the Internet giant's cooperation can bring what effect? The new wearable device with TCL idol X+ match will have little impact on China's mobile phone market? Only after such as TCL idol X+ is expected to release in order.

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