Friday, January 3, 2014

Jiayu S2 high configuration and low price become new benchmark
Jiayu Mobile Phone products significantly increased number of this year, route planning and product more clear, in addition to high-end products in the S1, G6, G series also created many by netizens popular models, such as recently has opened the first sale of Jiayu G2F, the price of 499 yuan, plus good hardware configuration and additional features, become 499 yuan level new product benchmarking.

Recently received friends broke the news, saying Jiayu addition to the upcoming release of a new machine, new model Jiayu S2, under the new F series, is said to have a low price.

Jiayu S2 continues JIAYU G5 simple style, border width looks pretty good, as there is with Jiayu G5 before all-white version, the system has also been embellished custom, leaving more space from the top of the screen to speculate, F1 screen size probably not much.

Netizens suspected F1 announced a core configuration, the aircraft may be displayed using 1.3GHz main frequency MTK6572 dual-core processor, 512M RAM+4 G ROM memory, with 130W/500W pixel dual cameras, 4.0 inches qHD resolution screen, TD can support dual sim dual standby. Prices, rumors requires only 299 yuan.

Currently Jiayu phone has not officially announced this phone for specific information, the above information is true or uncertain parameters, but the official forums have been a relevant forum, and configuration information, such as official postings appeared estimated release also recent. It can be predicted, JIAYU S2 or an ultra-low prices, locate the entry-level products, together waiting for the answer is revealed.

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