Wednesday, January 8, 2014

TCL idol α at CES debut with transparent lamp design is very outstanding
Held in December at the TCL Moible Phone conference, in addition to TCL idol X+ itself also demonstrated a product called TCL idol α models, the biggest highlight of this model is its exterior design is very innovative, top of the fuselage are used with a bottom transparent design. Although not officially released, but this product is also on this CES 2014 debut, let us look at the scene in front of reporters demo experience it.

The TCL idol α can say in the overall design than TCL idol X+ even better, with a sleek design and a transparent top and bottom of the fuselage let this model pocketed the eye, but also to the whole has a strong sense of design. TCL idol α uses a 4.7-inch 720P screen, the whole size of 138 * 66.6 * 7.5 mm, the body is very slim, with rounded body, grip the machine's performance is very good.

The bottom of the zona pellucida models have LED lighting effects, dynamic effects will appear when you click the button, has a strong visual impact. It is worth mentioning that this model's body continues TCL idol X S950 edge 3D diamond cut design, highlighting its metal texture, metal frame chamfered to give a very delicate feel.

In addition to the border, on the back of TCL idol α is also using a metal material, and the surface through a special coating processing, there is a certain fingerprint-proof, stain effect. TCL idol α using a1300W pixel camera with LED flash, HDR, smile capture and other functions in terms of functionality.

In the hardware configuration, TCL idol α has not been given a clear processor model, but the machine should be used with a frequency of 1.2GHz quad-core processor MediaTek, it is possible in terms of memory will use 1GB RAM+16 GB ROM's combinations.

The TCL idol α can be said that the design has a very high standard, whether it is work or visual performance even better than the TCL Hero N3. It is reported that, TCL idol α is expected to officially launch in March, I believe that this model of the conference so that more people recognize the strength in the Chinese mobile phone manufacturers design on.

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