Friday, May 26, 2017

Elephone has released a "borderless" new smartphone concept map

Elephone has posted a very interesting image on its official Twitter page on May 25, which is a very nice smartphone, and next to the Android 8.0 badge logo. This is probably the Elephone company wants to share the future concept of mobile phone pictures.Elephone may be revealed to the user that will be introduced a large screen share of Android 8.0 mobile phone,and may be called Elephone S9.

As we can see from the picture, this phone is very thin, in the bottom of the screen only a very small "chin", the front is almost no border, and in the "chin" part will have a breathing light, before set the camera in the lower right corner of the front of the machine. According to the industry speculation that the device should be made of metal and glass, and the back should use a dual camera vertical design, reference Elephone S8, which will be launched in June,the machine should also use the back surface design. All in all, this model looks like a combination of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the xiaomi mi mix.

Although Elephone always imitate other mobile phone brands,but it really has launched several nice phones like Elephone C1 Max.And next Elephone has many new smartphones will be released.From the official website,Elephone P8 and Elephone P8 Mini will release in May .Elephone S8 , Elephone Play X and Elephone P8 lite will release in June.For those who like elephone, there are many options and each phone has its main features.

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