Wednesday, May 17, 2017

OnePlus 5 with dual camera

According to the news from Gizok we know that almost with no doubt that OnePlus 5 determined to use the rear center vertical arrangement of the dual camera, and there is a clear antenna from up to down. In other words, this appearance is very common.

Unexpectedly,from the latest news that its back design is different: dual camera level is located in the upper left corner, the flash is close to the edge, which is similar to Xiaomi Mi6 instead of liking the design of OnePlus 3T.However, with the trend of glass, it will still use the metal body, but this time, two antenna lines on the edge of the fuselage. Matching with a black body, it gives a better sense overall.

A high equiped mobile phone will certainly have a variety of different styles of the prototypethe in development process, then you want it like which,OnePlus 3 or other phones?

Source: GIZOK

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