Sunday, July 30, 2017

iPhone 8 Design Causes A Colour Problem

In recent weeks I have been able to obtain exclusive iPhone 8 renders and information on Apple'sAAPL -0.69% biggest design changes, but now I can reveal they do cause one negative side effect…

Working again with Nodus and leakers within Apple’s supply chain, I have learnt the iPhone 8 design will limit the colour configurations available to customers. This is because Apple is determined to leave the front of the iPhone 8 black to downplay its controversial ‘cut-out’ top bezel and will result in a limited number of monochrome options at launch:

Black, Jet Black and White (potentially silver) will be the three choices compared to six variants - black, jet black, silver, gold, rose gold and (Product)red - currently available with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Now the reality seems to be less ‘boutique’ and more practicality, especially if Apple hopes to use the iPhone 8’s new OLED display to camouflage the top bezel cut-out with a permanent black status bar as Nodus and I illustrated last week.

In fact the only snag that may arise from such a limited palette of iPhone 8 options is if it makes potential customers less likely to pay the substantially increased asking price for a black or grey smartphone. But based on all the feature upgrades, I doubt it.

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