Sunday, December 3, 2017

Several excellent features on the Ulefone Armor 2

After the brand of the Ulefone mobile is started, it has released several machines with high reputation, not only for its reasonable price, but also the functions that follow the fashion trend and the equipments that has improved a lot, and not very long ago that it has released its new three-anti mobile— Ulefone Armor 2 that contains several excellent resistant.

To begin with, it supports Waterproof that it added high-density macro-molecule in order to make the earphone, microphone and speaker can normally use like the phone of the Ulefone MIX while supports such function that can work well under the water and we do not need to keep it from the water in daily life.

Next is the dust-proof that it equipped with special surface spraying and a high degree of seal processing that you would like to take it to any adventure instead of other phones like the Ulefone T1, although the performance of the later is also great.

What’s more is the pressure resistant that it was made of TPU, glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate material, metal, and its screen is protected by the Corning Gorilla Glass that make it with high strength and perfect flexibility, which is no need to worry the screen is cracked when we drop it by accident compared to the Ulefone F1.

Last but not the least, it supports the heat and cold resistant function that many phones like the Ulefone MIX 2 will performance bad with the high temperature or the environment is not good. To the contrary that it will still work in a good condition, and the reason is that the compact structure, highly stable TPU can keep it from damage or distortion between -40℃ to 80℃. Above all the information, do you like it?

Source: POMP Mall

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