Friday, March 9, 2018

Sricam IP camera is not working

Sricam IP camera does not work, please refer to the following steps:
1. Log into your SiriCam IP address: x.x.x.x, and set the admin password to admin/admin.
2. Change Default port from 81 to 80 and verify it reboots and is reachable by to http://x.x.x.x (notice no :81 at end)
2. Apps > Install Apps > Search Apps " VistaCam SD, PT & HD for UI6 " > Install
3. Cameras > +Add Camera > Vista Cam HD > next > next > Manually Install.
4. Name the camera > Select camera type: VistaCam HD (admin/admin) > Fill in the IP address: (x.x.x.x) > Select Room Name: > next
5. finished!
Source: Sricam Camera

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